Dear Friends,

We welcome you all to our annual Delhi Arthroscopy Course which is Live Surgery event performed by eminent national and international faculty. Though now days many surgeries are available on web, but nothing is comparable to visualizing a live surgery in which you can see various eminent surgeons live in action, their methodology, tricks to perform a difficult step in a more simplified way, how to come out of a difficult situation etc.

It is like bringing live operation theater in front of you. You can see their preferable patient positioning,how they operate, how to handle a complication if any arises during surgery. Moreover you can interac twith the surgeon and address your queries. We have a galaxy of star arthroscopic surgeons of India and some very eminent international faculty including Freddie Fu who is a legend in the field of knee Arthroscopy, Joe De Beer who is a pioneer of shoulder arthroscopy and Paul Sethi. Let’s make this event a grand success.

Dr. Deepak Chaudhary
Organising President DAC
Director Sports injury Centre

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